I’ve been training with Aaron for almost a year now, and it has made all the difference. The fact that he clearly loves his job makes him such a good PT. Every session is well planned and different, so training doesn’t get boring. He gives honest and motivating feedback, which pushes me forward and makes Continue Reading

I started to training with Aaron a year ago. My goal was to lose some weight and gain some muscle (having that toned body as some says!!). After a year I can honestly say I am in better shape that I have ever been. I have lost body fat, gained muscle and increased my endurance. Continue Reading

I would describe Aaron as someone who gets results. He’s helped me lose more weight than I have ever managed on my own and, more importantly, has helped me to finally get the shape I want. His training focuses on technique, strength and a healthy mental attitude to weight loss. He is someone who will Continue Reading

As a child I had a normal weight,but on my teenager years I be came slightly overweight ,to a obese adult. I was finding comfort in food,I didn’t have a limit anymore,if I was feeling sad happy food was always there. My family try to help saying “U are big because you have big bones”or Continue Reading