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Who is ASPFIT?

Aaron Peart-smith is an established personal trainer / body transformation coach with a reputation for delivering a high quality service to his clients to obtain the best results. Known for his versatile training style and techniques Aaron achieves exceptional results for his clientele, dealing with a wide range of fitness levels from beginners to elite athletes Aaron can find the perfect formula for you to achieve the best results possible in a safe and healthy manner. His training programs combined with his knowledge of nutrition help his clients live a more active and healthy life style. With his regular monitoring and guidance Aaron can help you on your path to a healthier lifestyle. Aaron is known for making his training fun and non repetitive for his clients, making sure you look forward to your next session.


At Apsfit we offer a range of fitness packages to help you reach your goals, each package comes with a free consultation.

  • 14 week body transformation package

    Looking to get in shape, whether your getting married going on holiday or just want to aesthetically change your appearance, the body transformation package offers 2 one on one training sessions a week with taylor made diet plan and training program and close guidance by myself.
    Prices depend on the individuals requirements.

  • 12 Week Training and diet plan £ 400

    You will provided with a training program and diet plan which will be changed accordingly to help you progress and reach your desired fitness goals. I will also provide as much guidance as you need and advise you on what supplements to take.

  • Home trainer package £90

    A tailor made HIIT training program which can be completed in the convenience of your own home. This will consist of 3 separate workouts that will be alternated throughout the week, advice on exercises and technique will be given in order for you to get the best out of your workout.

  • 12 week competition prep online £500

    You will be coached by myself, I will assist with any advice I will provide you with a diet plan and training program.

    Your training program and diet plan will change according to your condition. I will also be on call to help guide you through your entire prep. You will also be able to come and have your last training session with me leading up to the show. (please note this price may vary as some individuals might require longer than 12weeks).

  • Free Consultations

    Home training £60 per session (an extra £10 charge for friends and couples who wish to train together). I will commute to your home or desired destination within reason as I am north London based. You will receive a one on one personal training session taken by myself.
    One on one personal training sessions at my home gym £45 (one free session when you book 10 sessions) sessions can be booked in blocks of 10, 20 and 30

    Single sessions £50
    10 sessions for 400
    20 sessions £780

  • One Off Programs

    4 week diet plan £70
    4 week training program £50
    4 week diet and training program £105

    * please note one off packages do not include assistants amendments or online support. These plans are tailored for you to meet your specific fitness goals

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