As a child I had a normal weight,but on my teenager years I be came slightly overweight ,to a obese adult. I was finding comfort in food,I didn't have a limit anymore,if I was feeling sad happy food was always there.

My family try to help saying "U are big because you have big bones"or "you have a nice face " Really!!!!!!

I was big not because my bones but because all the fat in my body.My self-esteem was lower and lower .

I had tried so many different diets, go to doctors take pills,drinks. All that just make things worse after each diet I double in size. In reality I wanted a quick fix or at least something that would make me start to feel better about myself.

The moment I hit rock bottom was when walking in the street a man bump into me walking pass me and said "can you walk faster? Oh no u can't because you are really fat." And he walk way laughing.

I froze I was embarrassed,humiliated ,I want to hide under a rock. After that I decided that was enough I need to do something about it. So I enjoyed the gym, started to do exercises but that wasn't enough. I couldn't see any big difference.

So one day Aaron talkedwith me at the gym and I started training with him,I was skeptical what he could make me do that could help me , in my mind I was already expending 2h in the gym doing a lot of cardio and so far no difference, how I was wrong.

Aaron ask me about my diet and show me what I was doing wrong.He make a diet plan,and he teach me how to eat well do exercises correctly.

He pushed me to do things I would never have done on my own.Aaron saw the potential in me and wanted me to see it as well.

I have fun when training with him he inspire you to do well.

Aaron have passion in what he does he make you feel confident and motivated,in his sessions he expects you to give 100% ,the exercises are different every time, focusing the work out each time in a different part o the body.

I couldn't believe that week after week my weight was dropping , has been nearly a year that I'm training with Aaron, and I couldn't be happier with my results so far.

I fit in dresses that I never thought I would wear,I feel more confident,my self-esteem is high.

Aaron told my that I can ative anything that I want, just need to work hard and believe in yourself.